The art of crafting knives has been a tradition passed down through generations. Each aspect holds significant importance but today, let’s explore all types of knife tang. The tang is the unsharpened part of the blade that extends into the handle. It’s critical in defining a knife’s balance, strength, and durability. Different types of tangs offer varying degrees of these essential qualities. Let’s dig into the below infographic to see and get knowledge about knife tangs.

All about knife tangs

So there you have it, an exploration into the world of tangs. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the differences can significantly influence your choice depending on your needs. From encapsulated tangs for those seeking extra protection and aesthetic appeal to full tangs for the utmost strength and durability, the options are abundant. Each tang type serves a purpose, finding its place in the vast and diverse universe of knives.

Certainly! Delving deeper into the world of knife tangs, it’s essential to understand how each tang type aligns with particular uses and functionalities. The encapsulated tang, for instance, adds an extra layer of resilience against corrosive elements like water and salt. For fishermen or outdoor enthusiasts, knives with tangs are an ideal choice.