Return Policy

Return an item for a refund

  • If your item arrives damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. If you’ve changed your mind and want to return it, you can ask the seller if they’ll accept a return.
  • If the item you received arrived damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or if it’s the wrong item, you’re covered under the Louis Martin Knives Money Back Guarantee. You can return it even if the seller’s returns policy says they don’t accept returns.
  • If you no longer want an item, you’ll be able to see in the listing if the seller offers returns, how long you have to request a return and any other conditions. You can check the listing by selecting the item in your Purchase history.
  • Once you start a return, the seller has 3 business days to resolve your issue. If your problem isn’t solved at the end of those 3 days, you can ask us to step in and help.
  • When your return request is accepted, you’ll receive a return shipping label from Louis Martin Knives, or you’ll be asked to purchase one directly from a carrier. Who covers the shipping costs depends on why you’re returning it.
  • You’ll also receive a date by which you should ship the item back. You can find this date in the details of your return request which will be sent to your Messages with the subject “Send the item back”. If you don’t ship the return by that date, we may close the request and you will not receive a refund.
  • When you send your item back make sure a tracking number is added to your return request to avoid delays or issues in the refund process.
  • Keep in mind that the condition of the item you send back to the seller is important, so repack it carefully. If you return the item used, damaged, missing parts, or damaged during return shipping because it wasn’t packaged correctly, Louis Martin Knives may deduct from your refund to cover the loss in the item’s value.