The thud of steel against wood. The satisfying sting of blisters blooming on your palm. The primal urge to unleash a roar after burying an axe in the dead center of a bullseye. Ah, axe throwing target. It’s more than just a recreational fling; it’s a dance with gravity, a communion with metal, and a meditation on precision. And at the heart of this dance, this communion, this meditation, lies the target.

Custom Knifemakers: Where Art Meets Steel

For those who appreciate the perfect blend of function and beauty, a custom-made knife is more than just a tool; it’s a work of art. Custom knifemaker are the passionate souls who hand-forge these exquisite blades, infusing each one with their unique skill and vision. From heirloom-quality pocket knives to awe-inspiring hunting blades, each creation is a testament to the dedication and artistry of the maker.

Axe knife: Axe knives, the versatile champions of wilderness tools, blend the power of an axe with the precision of a knife. Imagine effortlessly chopping firewood, then transitioning to delicate tasks like gutting games or crafting kindling. Their compact size makes them ideal backpack companions, and their sturdy build tackles tough jobs with ease. So, ditch the bulky toolbox and embrace the axe knife, your one-stop shop for outdoor adventures for axe throwing target.

Not Just a Piece of Plywood

Forget mass-produced, generic targets. The craft axe thrower, the one yearning for mastery, craves a canvas that reflects their dedication, their artistry, their inner Viking. This is where DIY comes in, where the target ceases to be a passive recipient and transforms into an active participant in your axe-wielding symphony.

Building Your Bullseye

Let’s embark on a journey of target construction, a journey where safety reigns supreme and creativity flourishes. Just pure craftsmanship fueled by the fire of your axe-throwing target spirit.

Materials For Axe Throwing Target

Base: Imagine a sturdy foundation, a fortress against errant throws. Pressure-treated 2x4s will become your knightley palisade, holding firm against the onslaught of steel.

Backboard: Picture a stoic sentinel, unwavering in the face of axe-borne challenges. Plywood sheets, thick and unyielding, will be your shield, offering unwavering support.

Target Face: Envision a battlefield, where precision dances with luck. More plywood sheets, layered and bound, will become your arena, ready to bear the scars of glorious throws.

Padding: Consider a gentle embrace, a shield against bruised egos and splintered knuckles. Burlap or carpet, secured with staples, will become your buffer, softening the blow for both axe and thrower.

Finishing Touches: Unleash your inner Michelangelo! Spray paint, stencils, even pyrography tools can transform your target into a work of art, a reflection of your axe-throwing target soul.

Throwing Axe

Throwing axe Hatchet for Premium Throwing Competitions, 16.7″ Wooden Handle with 1.6 lbs 1065 High Carbon Steel Head, Optimal Balance and Agile Handling

tem Dimensions                  LxWxH 16.7 x 5.5 x 1.3 inches

Handle Material                 Beech Wood

Color                                     16.7″ 1Pack Set

Head Type                            Axe

throwing axe

Step-by-Step to Axe throwing Target

Base Camp: Assemble your 2x4s into a rectangular frame, anchoring them with screws and washers. This is the bedrock of your target, the unshakeable foundation upon which your axe-throwing target dreams will be built.

Backboard Bulwark: Stand the frame upright, a silent warrior waiting for its armor. Secure the plywood sheets to the back, their edges overlapping like shields in a phalanx, creating a solid wall against which your axes will sing their song.

Target Face Arena: Layer the remaining plywood sheets on top, their edges mirroring the stoic unity of the backboard. Glue and screw them together, forging an arena worthy of epic throws and legendary bullseyes.

Padding the Blow: Now, a touch of tenderness. Staple your chosen padding (burlap, carpet, your grandmother’s quilt – use your imagination!) onto the target face, leaving a buffer around the edges. This is your safety net, your gentle whisper against the roar of the axe.

Unleash the Artist: Time to make your mark! Let your creativity loose with spray paint, stencils, or even a searing embrace from a pyrography tool. Design concentric circles, paint clan symbols, or etch your warrior name onto the wood. Make this target your own, a reflection of your axe-throwing target spirit.

Craft vs. Battle, Axe Throwing Target

There’s a difference between the meditative precision of craft axe throwing target and the adrenaline-fueled frenzy of battle axe throwing. Each demands a slightly different target:

Craft: For the meticulous thrower, a smaller target (think 3-4 feet in diameter) with clearly defined scoring zones encourages focus and control. Aim for intricate bullseyes, intricate carvings that whisper of dedication.

Battle: For the adrenaline junkie, a larger target (5-6 feet) welcomes the unbridled fury of battle throws. Wider scoring zones allow for a bit more leeway, while still rewarding accuracy. Think Viking runes, fiery designs that crackle with raw power.

No Matter Your Style For axe Throwing Target

Whether you’re a craft or battle axe thrower, a seasoned warrior or a fledgling Viking, remember: safety first. Always wear closed-toe shoes, stand at a safe distance, and never throw when someone is behind the target.

Building your own axe throwing target is more than just a DIY project; it’s a ritual, a communion with the spirit of the axe. It’s about taking control, crafting your own arena for axe-throwing target glory. So grab your tools, channel your inner craftsman, and build your bull.

Conclusion: Axe Throwing Target

Building your own axe throwing target isn’t just about saving money or adding a backyard showpiece. It’s a journey into the heart of the sport, a chance to forge a canvas that reflects your dedication, your artistry, your inner Viking. With each throw, you leave your mark on the wood, etching not just bullseyes but a testament to your passion. So, grab your tools, unleash your creativity, and build your way to axe-throwing target glory!


Q: What type of wood should I use?

A: Pressure-treated 2x4s for the base and untreated plywood for the backboard and target face are ideal.

Q: How big should the target be?

A: It depends on your throwing style! Craft throwers prefer smaller targets (3-4 feet), while battle throwers favor larger ones (5-6 feet).

Q: Can I use hooks or targets with hanging axes?

A: For safety reasons, we recommend avoiding hooks and pre-made targets with hanging axes. DIY targets with removable axes offer more flexibility and control.