A hunting knife is more than just a blade – it’s a trusted companion in the wild, responsible for everything from field dressing to survival tasks. But even the best knife dulls with time. That’s where a good sharpener comes in, bringing your trusty blade back to life and ensuring it’s ready for the next adventure.

The crisp autumn air, the vibrant changing leaves, and the anticipation of the approaching whitetail buck–deer hunting season is upon us! But before you head out into the wild, there’s one crucial piece of equipment that deserves your attention: your hunting knife.

So many options on the market, that finding the right sharpener can feel like hunting for a trophy buck in thick fog. Fear not, fellow hunters! We’ve tracked down the top contenders, each suited for a different sharpening style and budget.

Louis Martin Custom Knives: CUSTOM MINI CROOKED RIVER

The Mini Crooked River is a custom-made knife by Louis Martin Custom Knives. It’s a smaller version of the popular Crooked River knife, making it more compact and easier to carry.


  • Compact and portable: The Mini Crooked River is only 7 inches long, making it perfect for everyday carry or backpacking.
  • Durable construction: The hunting knife is made from high-quality CPM-S35VN steel, which is known for its edge retention and toughness.
  • Versatile design: The drop-point blade and textured G10 handle make the knife suitable for a variety of tasks, from slicing food to opening packages.
  • Beautiful craftsmanship: Louis Martin is known for his attention to detail, and the Mini Crooked River is no exception. The knife has a flawless finish and a unique, hand-forged look.


  • Pricey: The Mini Crooked River is a custom knife, so it’s more expensive than production knives.
  • Limited availability: Louis Martin only makes a small number of knives each year, so the Mini Crooked River can be hard to find.
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks: The Mini Crooked River is a great EDC knife, but it’s not designed for heavy-duty tasks like chopping or batoning.

Overall, the Louis Martin Custom Knives: CUSTOM MINI CROOKED RIVER is a fantastic knife for anyone looking for a high-quality, compact, and versatile EDC option. However, it’s important to be aware of the price and availability before making a purchase.

Louis Martin Custom Knives: CUSTOM MINI CROOKED RIVER

The Classic Contender: Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpener

This ceramic rod sharpener is a long-time favorite for its simplicity and effectiveness. It features three progressively finer grits (coarse, medium, fine) that can handle even the dullest blades. The triangular design allows for easy sharpening of both straight and curved edges, making it a versatile choice for hunting knives of all shapes and sizes.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Compact and portable, perfect for taking into the field
  • Effective for sharpening a variety of blade shapes


  • Requires some practice to achieve consistent results
  • May not be ideal for severely damaged blades

The Classic Contender: Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpener

The Tech-Savvy Choice: Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

This electric sharpener is a game-changer for those who value precision and ease of use. It features a guided sharpening system that ensures consistent angles and eliminates guesswork. The variable speed control allows you to tailor the sharpening to your specific blade type and desired level of sharpness.


  • Fast and precise sharpening
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced sharpeners alike
  • Versatile, capable of handling different blade types and thicknesses


  • More expensive than traditional sharpeners
  • Requires access to an electric outlet

The Tech-Savvy Choice: Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

The Budget-Friendly Warrior: Lansky Turn Box Sharpener

For those on a tighter budget, the Lansky Turn Box Sharpener delivers incredible value. This compact system includes five interchangeable sharpening stones (coarse to fine) that mount onto a base with a secure clamping mechanism. The angled slots guide you in maintaining a consistent sharpening angle, making it surprisingly user-friendly.


  • Highly affordable
  • Portable and lightweight, perfect for backpackers
  • Offers a variety of sharpening angles for different blade types


  • Requires some practice to master the sharpening technique
  • Not as fast as electric sharpeners

The Budget-Friendly Warrior: Lansky Turn Box Sharpener

The Diamond in the Rough: DMT DiaSharp Fine Diamond Hone

This diamond-honing plate is a favorite among knife enthusiasts for its exceptional sharpening power and durability. The diamond abrasive cuts through even the toughest steels with ease, making it ideal for reviving neglected hunting knives. The compact size allows you to take it anywhere, ensuring your blade stays sharp even on extended trips.


  • Incredibly effective at sharpening even heavily dulled blades
  • Durable diamond surface lasts for years
  • Compact and portable, ideal for on-the-go sharpening


  • Requires a bit more pressure and control than other options
  • Not as versatile as systems with multiple grits

The Diamond in the Rough: DMT DiaSharp Fine Diamond Hone

The Masterpiece: Edge Pro Apex Knife Sharpener

For the true sharpening connoisseur, the Edge Pro Apex is the pinnacle. This professional-grade system features a unique design that allows for incredibly precise sharpening angles, down to the half-degree. The tension control system ensures consistent pressure throughout the sharpening process, resulting in a mirror-polished edge.


  • Unmatched sharpening precision and control
  • Capable of handling any blade type or thickness
  • Durable construction built to last a lifetime


  • The most expensive sharpener on this list
  • Requires a significant investment of time and practice to master

Edge Pro Apex Knife Sharpener

The Verdict

The best knife sharpener for your hunting knives in 2024 depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your budget, skill level, and the types of knives you use most often. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter seeking the ultimate edge or a beginner looking for a simple solution, there’s a perfect sharpener out there waiting to bring your blades back to life.

Choosing the Perfect Sharpener & Your Weapon

The best sharpener depends on your individual needs. Consider your skill level, budget, frequency of use, blade type, and portability. Remember, a good sharpener is an investment that will keep your hunting companion performing at its peak for years to come.

The best sharpener for your hunting knife depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like:

  • Skill level: Are you a seasoned sharpener or a nervous newbie?
  • Budget: How much are you willing to invest?
  • Frequency of use: Do you need a quick touch-up or a full-on sharpening session?
  • Blade type: Does your knife have a unique shape or serrations?
  • Portability: Do you need to sharpen on the go?

Christmas Gifts

With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for amazing deals on sharpeners. You might snag a high-end electric sharpener at a fraction of the price, or discover a hidden gem in a local store. A good sharpener also makes a fantastic gift for the hunter in your life!

Sharpen Your Skills

Practice proper technique and safety precautions. Sharpening can be dangerous, so always wear gloves, use a stable surface, and maintain a consistent angle. There are plenty of online tutorials and guides to help you master the art of sharpening.

Sharpen Your Edge, Sharpen Your Hunt

A sharp knife is a safe knife. Invest in a good sharpener, learn the technique, and keep your hunting blade razor-sharp. This way, you’ll be ready to tackle any task the wild throws your way, from skinning your prize buck to preparing a delicious camp meal.

Sharpening Strategies

A dull knife is not only frustrating but also dangerous. A razor-sharp blade ensures clean cuts, quicker processing, and ultimately, a more successful and enjoyable hunt. So, knife sharpeners and discover the best one to keep your hunting knife in peak performance.

There are several ways to sharpen your hunting knife, each with its own pros and cons. Let’s explore some popular options:

The Classic: Sharpening Stones

These are the OG of knife sharpeners, offering a traditional and effective method. Stones come in various grits (coarse, medium, fine) for different levels of dullness. While it requires some practice to master the angles, the stones are relatively inexpensive and portable.

The Electric Edge: Electric Knife Sharpeners

Looking for speed and convenience? An electric sharpener is your answer. These machines typically have pre-set angles and variable speeds, making them ideal for beginners or those who need a quick touch-up. Just be careful not to overheat your blade!

The Rolling Revolution: Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set

This innovative tool takes sharpening to a whole new level. The tumbler uses diamond-coated rollers to effortlessly glide over your blade, creating a razor-sharp edge in seconds. It’s compact, easy to use, and perfect for quick on-the-go sharpening.

The Kitchen Companion: Knife Blocks with Built-in Sharpeners

If you’re someone who appreciates a bit of aesthetic in your kitchen, a knife block with a built-in sharpener might be ideal. These blocks typically have ceramic rods or slots for honing your blades, keeping them sharp and conveniently stored.

The Blade Whisperer: Middleton Made Knives

There’s nothing quite like a custom-made knife. Middleton Made Knives are handcrafted masterpieces, known for their exceptional sharpness and durability. Their sharpening service ensures your blade will stay at its peak performance for generations.


Your hunting knife is more than just a blade – it’s an extension of your being in the wild. But a dull knife is a liability, threatening both safety and success. So, embrace the power of sharpening, and unleash the true potential of your trusted companion. Christmas cheer! You might just snag the perfect sharpening weapon at a fraction of the price. Happy hunting, and happy sharpening!

There’s a perfect sharpener waiting to be wielded. Consider your needs, explore your options, and invest in a tool that will keep your edge razor-sharp for every adventure to come. sharpening is a skill, not a chore. Embrace the learning process, master the technique, and reap the rewards of a blade that performs as flawlessly as you do. Sharpen your hunt, and let the wild tremble before the keenness of your steel. May your next hunt be your most successful!


What is the best knife sharpener for hunting knives in 2024? 

There is no single “best” sharpener, as it depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, the article discusses several popular options, including the Tumbler Diamond Rolling Knife Sharpener Set for quick touch-ups, electric knife sharpeners for more substantial sharpening, and classic knife blocks and sharpening stones for the budget-minded or traditionalist.

How do I sharpen my hunting knife? 

The specific method will depend on the type of sharpener you choose. The article briefly describes how to use each type of sharpener mentioned.

What is the difference between a hunting knife and a kitchen knife? 

Hunting knives are typically thicker and sturdier than kitchen knives, designed for heavy-duty tasks like skinning and butchering. Kitchen knives are typically thinner and more agile, suited for slicing and precision cutting. However, a well-sharpened hunting knife can excel in both arenas.