Hot Item Tracker Knife Twist Damascus Walnut Wood Wooden Bolster Hunter


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Overall Length: 10.5 in (approx)

Handle Length: 5.0 in (approx)

Blade Length: 5.5 in (approx)

Item Type: Tracker Knife

Tempered: Oil Tempered to 58-60 HRC

Guard Type: Wooden Bolster

Handle Material: Walnut Wood

Blade Material: Damascus

3 in stock

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The Tracker Knife was designed to take care of the heavy side of Bush craft. Knife is an ideal tool for chopping wood for fires, gutting, skinning or scraping. It also has a draw knife area, great for limb reduction for Bow Making, carving, splitting or just fast removal of excess timber. The only true way to know this knife is to own one and learn it, on a serious note, This is not like a simple tool with one use, for the want of a better explanation its Damascus is a mixture of 1095 and 15N20, they are heated and then folded over and over to get the desired layers. The blade is burned in acid and it turns the layers into different colors. The layering process also results in a blade that is harder and durable than a single type of steel. The twist pattern in this Damascus steel is a stunning display of motion and energy, with the swirling lines creating a sense of movement and fluidity across the surface of the steel. The pattern is bold and striking, with each twist perfectly formed and polished to a high shine. The colors of the pattern range from deep blacks to bright silvers, creating a captivating contrast that catches the eye. The twist pattern adds depth and dimension to the steel, giving it a unique and dynamic look that is both modern and timeless.



Features and Further Details

Leather Sheath:

This item comes with a top quality extra think Leather Sheath (if pictured).The Leather Sheath is totally hand tooled and sewn, the extra stitching makes it robust and able to withstand year of rough and tough use.


When needed, use a Diamond Wet Stone or better to re-sharpen the blade at 20 degrees. When done using the item, wash it in soap and water, dry completely, coat in gun oil and star away from the Leather Sheath. Leather pulls moisture out of the air and can rust the blade if stored improperly.


All our Knives are 100% Handmade. We do not user any CNC machining, water-jet or precut blanks to make our items. Each Knife will be 100% unique and may have some handmade characteristics that make it stand out.

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Dimensions 10.5 × 2 in
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