Skinner Knife: 10-Piece

Original price was: $200.00.Current price is: $140.00.

These images are provided for your reference. The type will remain the same, but there may be variations in color or handle.


Specialized Skinning Blade: Designed to excel in skinning tasks, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
Razor-Sharp Edge: Precision-ground for a sharp, enduring blade that effortlessly glides through hides.
Ergonomic Handle: Carefully contoured for a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.
Quality Materials: Constructed with high-grade materials, the LMK Skinner Knife is built to withstand the rigors of hunting and outdoor activities.
Versatile Use: Ideal for skinning game, the knife is also adept at a range of outdoor tasks and campsite duties.
Balanced Design: Achieving the perfect balance between blade and handle for optimal control and maneuverability.
Durable Sheath: The included sheath is not just a protector but a practical addition for safe storage and convenient carry.

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