Choosing the appropriate goods to put on your shelves can be a never-ending task in the retail industry. You want products that improve your bottom line, appeal to your customers, and provide quality and diversity. We at Louis Martin Custom Knives, LMK, are aware of this goal. We are therefore excited to provide our wide range of wholesale folding knives, which are ideal for upgrading the merchandise in your store and satisfying the various demands of your customer base.

LMK: A legacy of intelligence

LMK has long been associated with outstanding knives. We’ve refined our technique, painstakingly creating bespoke knives that are more than simply useful tools they’re works of art. Our wholesale folding knives are also committed to quality and innovation. We give a selection of finely crafted knives that suit a wide range of preferences and uses, rather than just generic blades.

The Benefits of Purchasing Folding Knives in Bulk from LMK

dual blade folding pocket knife

Selecting LMK for your wholesale knives needs means selecting a partner committed to your success. What distinguishes us is this:

Unwavering Quality For our knives, we exclusively use the best materials. Every detail showcases our dedication to quality, from ergonomic, exquisitely carved handles in materials like damascus, to high-carbon stainless steel blades that hold an edge like a dream.

A Rainbow of Options: Not every folding knife is made equally. We have a wide range of options, including sophisticated gentleman’s knives that radiate refinement and traditional pocket knives that are ideal for daily use. Features like this make our tactical folders perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or anybody looking for a durable cutting tool.

Competitive Prices for Wholesale: We are aware of how crucial it is to keep profit margins robust. With the attractive pricing structures offered by our wholesale folding knife program, you can affordably supply your shelves with high-quality blades. Order minimums may apply; please get in touch with us for further information.

Customized Resolutions (Elective): We are aware that certain stores might have particular requirements. We’re willing to talk about the potential to develop special packages or provide customized choices for bigger orders.

Outstanding Client Care: LMK is a firm believer in forming enduring bonds with our partners. Our committed staff is always ready to respond to your inquiries, offer professional guidance on choosing the best folding knives for your intended market, and guarantee a seamless purchasing process.

A Vast Universe of Folding Blades at Your Disposal


Regarding bulk folding knives, LMK provides an abundance of choices:

Small Blades: Our Wholesale pocket knives, the ideal daily companion, are available in a variety of sizes and blade styles, including the classic Swiss Army form with several blades and elegant single-blade designs.

Knives for Gentlemen: These sophisticated folding knives include beautiful designs, and high-quality materials including real horn handles and Damascus steel blades. They exude refinement. They’re the ideal statement piece for the discriminating buyer.

Folders for Tactical Information: Our tactical folders are perfect for outdoor lovers, survivalists, or anybody looking for a strong cutting tool because they are made with durability and usefulness in mind. These knives frequently have ambidextrous carry choices, aided openings, and textured handles for improved control.


Some of The Best of Wholesale Folding knives



Boost Your Stock Using LMK

Are you prepared to put premium wholesale folding knives on your shelves to draw attention and increase sales? Please get in touch with LMK right now! We would be pleased to provide you with a price list or wholesale catalog. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at  Let our friendly knife experts guide you in choosing the ideal folding knives or any other knife to stock your shelves. They’re also happy to answer any questions you have about our wholesale program.

Expanding upon Outstanding Heritage

Knives is our passion here at LMK. In our opinion, a well-made Wholesale folding knife is more than just a practical tool—it’s also a trustworthy friend, a showcase for individual taste, and an example of human creativity. We are certain that every wholesale folding knife we make demonstrates our commitment to quality and innovation.

An Attestation to Excellence

The folding knife from LMK Wholesale are superior to others,” remarks John Miller, the proprietor of Miller’s Outdoors, a reputable partner of LMK. “As soon as you hold one in your hand, the quality of the craftsmanship becomes apparent. I guarantee that I have something for every customer, regardless of whether they’re searching for a sturdy tactical folder for their upcoming expedition or a traditional pocket knife for daily work. The blades are sharp and stay sharp.”

Why Buy Wholesale Folding Knives from LMK?


LMK is unique in a market full of folding knives. We provide a special combo of:

Superior Quality With high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, our folding knives are long-lasting.

Unmatched Selection: We have the ideal assortment to satisfy your varied clients, whether you’re looking for traditional pocket knives, elegant gentleman’s folders, or tactical alternatives with lots of features.

Unbeatable Value: You can stock your shelves with premium folding knives without compromising your profitability thanks to our affordable wholesale pricing.

Unwavering Support: Our committed staff is here to address your inquiries, offer knowledgeable guidance, and guarantee a positive purchasing experience.

Join together with LMK right now to add the best wholesale folding knives to your store’s inventory. Get in touch with us to open up a world of opportunities!